Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is straightforward and simple.

We take your privacy very seriously.

Your information is your information, not ours. We will not sell or misuse your information in any way. You have complete control over your own data, and who you share it with. Our business model is based on people subscribing and paying for Memrey services. We do not make money any other way. We are very thankful for the people who decide to pay for Memrey because it allows us to build a business based on principled privacy practices. Your data is not our product to sell to advertisers, Memrey is your product and you are in complete control over your own data.

If you use Google login to create a new account, Memrey will import your Google email and profile name to create your account. If you import files from your Google drive, Memrey will only import the access link, leaving the original file on Google's servers.